1. kissss meeee under the bearded barleyyyy

    (seriously can’t stop thinking about pashing, send help. in the form of a cute person)

  2. new zine in progress, July 2014

  3. wgsn:

    Ecclectic prints and heavy embellishment led the #ManishArora spring/summer 2014 collection at #PFW this afternoon [Cc: @FishFryManish]

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  4. boandaropax:

    Evie Cahir <3 one of my favourite Australian contemporary artists

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  7. mysterymeat237:

    L-D Fifty (50) by Phoebe Carse

    my new zine is now finished and available to buy! keep an eye out for prints which will be out in the next week or so. thanks so much to everyone who supports me and my art on here i appreciate you all so much and i’m really excited to have another zine to share with you!!!