1. man it’s weird when you learn the names of people on tumblr, like obviously your name is not lamentingfish or whatever but I always forget people have real names

  2. I have been laughing at this photo of my cat for 20 minutes

    omg why

  3. I made a little fort for me & Tegan & we drank tea (and I took some bad photos), July 2014

  4. it’s cold and feeling kinda low but it’s cool coz me and this poop are watching Danny Phantom


  5. I feel your pain .-. It sucks booty
    for real. big time booty

  6. Everyone I had/have a romantic interest in is romantically involved with someone else now and it’s very depressing.

  7. yooooo


  8. haha it’s all g, just annoying place to have a wound for doing anything with my hands D: